Good Morning!


What is your morning routine? How can you change it to set a good mood for the day? If your life is like mine, the morning is filled with chaos. You probably give yourself just enough time to get through all the steps of your routine and out the door to make it to work right on time. Why do we do this? Well, because sleep is good, right?
I challenge you to give yourself some extra time. Set your alarm just 10 minutes earlier and DO NOT snooze through it because you know it’s there. Then you can use that time to sit and relax and enjoy a cup of coffee instead of having to take it on the go, or maybe you can take the time to just move a little slower through your morning. Reflect on what you would like to accomplish for the day. Take a moment to appreciate the weather (if it isn’t gloomy). I know that when I feel rushed in the morning, usually I end up taking that out on my son in way way or another, which isn’t fair. It turns into me rushing him through his process. I feel terrible about this, because usually I have to rush him through appreciating something small. I live in New England and there is a nice coat of frozen snow covering our yard. He likes the sound of the snow crunching under his shoes, and when I am running late, I rob him of this small experience that he loves. All because I want an extra 10 minutes of sleep. How selfish am I?
I am challenging you again! Take the 10 minute challenge with me this month and see if it sets a different tone for your day. If it makes you feel better, go to bed just 10 minutes sooner so you are not robbing yourself of precious sleep. Wake up just 10 minutes earlier than normal and move a little less stressed through your morning routine. Give your kids and extra cuddle, talk about your plans for the day, sit down and enjoy your coffee while your kids eat breakfast and take a moment to enjoy and appreciate them because they won’t be kids forever.
Then, leave me a comment and let me know what your day was like! Did you notice a change in your attitude towards every day challenges? Did it not make a single difference at all? Leave me some feedback and let me know if it worked for you.

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