A Post for the Weight Loss Train (choo choo!)

I will admit that this is going to sound silly coming from someone who cannot jump on the weight loss train. I cannot, because I amĀ  weeks pregnant and gaining weight is what I am supposed to do. However, I can wave to you all from the side and give you some parting gifts of … Continue reading A Post for the Weight Loss Train (choo choo!)


When Defeat Comes a Knockin’

We are all familiar with it. We have all known it at one point in our lives or another... or several. It smells like rotten eggs.... OK I am being dramatic. It's defeat. (Cue ominous music...) On any path to wellness, there are hurdles. Some of those hurdles we clear like a champ, but before … Continue reading When Defeat Comes a Knockin’

Overcoming Excuses

Ahhhhhh. Resolutions. Most of us start way too strong and then fizzle way too fast. Don't try to say this isn't you, I know I do it every year. This year I had the opposite problem. I didn't start at all ! Until yesterday that is. (Let me clarify - I did NOT make a … Continue reading Overcoming Excuses


Good Morning!

What is your morning routine? How can you change it to set a good mood for the day? If your life is like mine, the morning is filled with chaos. You probably give yourself just enough time to get through all the steps of your routine and out the door to make it to work … Continue reading Good Morning!


Welcome to 2017

This is the excerpt for your very first post.